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Product customization

Customize the ideal product according to the demand

Product selection

Help customers choose products according to their needs

technical support

Provide the best solution for customers

after-sale service

Professional customer service team provides you with pre-sale, in sale and after-sale services


Professional LCD supply

Product strength

● Our company focuses on industrial control level TFT LCD, products can pass - 20 - 70 degrees high and low temperature aging test
● The product is equipped with a full set of display information and connector and other accessories and free technical support are provided in the sample debugging stage
● And there is a demonstration board for customers to see the display effect

Quality assurance

● Select brand raw material suppliers to control quality from the source
● Full set of imported testing equipment, capable quality inspection technical team
● Each batch of products are fully tested, and provide detailed test data report

Brand strength

● Our company is a high-tech industry integrating R & D, production and sales
● The main products are TFT LCD, LCD module and display scheme
● ISO management process, all materials are environmental protection, can pass ROHS test

Production strength

● Rapid sampling and delivery of customized modified products
● Flexible and efficient production, cost saving up to 10% according to management strategy
●Multiple production lines work rapidly

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  • LCD technology has obvious advantages

    LCD technology has obvious advantages

    LCD (liquid crystal display) uses the latest full-color display technology, and the principle is simple and easy to understand. Basically, the whole concept of liquid crystal display technology is to use the physical characteristics of liquid crystal…

    news 7月 23, 2021
  • What are the main features of TFT LCD display you don't know

    What are the main features of TFT LCD display you don’t know

    1、 What is TFT LCD display TFT LCD display screen in fact, different display technology products have different names, and TFT LCD display screen is one kind of display screen. Our commonly used mobile phones also use TFT LCD display, which is color …

    news 7月 23, 2021
  • 20 years of counter attack four firsts of China's LCD industry

    20 years of counter attack four firsts of China’s LCD industry

    Once upon a time, Japan and South Korea had a certain advantage in LCD industry in terms of output and technology. However, with the continuous catch-up and development of China’s LCD industry, China has now occupied more than 50% of the global…

    news 7月 23, 2021
  • What's the difference between LCD splicing screen and LCD TV?

    What’s the difference between LCD splicing screen and LCD TV?

    Firstly, the panel of LCD TV is different from that of LCD splicing screen. The panel used for LCD splicing is higher than that of LCD TV. The LCD splicing screen made of LCD TV panel plays obviously different high brightness pictures, and the color …

    news 7月 23, 2021

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