What is the purity of LCD screen?  LCD display of liquid crystal purity, said primarily wavelength as auxiliary color, in the form of percentage is defined as the chromaticity coordinates and E illuminant chromaticity coordinates, linear distance between E light source to the spectrum locus chromaticity coordinates of the measured part of the main wavelength distance percentage, the higher the purity, the chromaticity coordinates of the object to be tested near the main wavelength spectrum of colors, the higher the purity, the more suitable.  LCD is one example.  

LCD display utility model stage: LCD industrial screen with environmental protection, high brightness, high definition, high reliability and other characteristics, gradually highlighted the CHARACTERISTICS of LCD display, and in the previous stage, LCD industrial screen market only meet the needs of people.  However, in the LCD industrial screen products can not meet the requirements, the quality is not up to standard.  With the development of LCD industrial screen, LCD screen has a new breakthrough now.  At least above the previous stage.  It has also developed a range of products that are completely different from using traditional light sources.  LCD industrial screen will present a larger and broader space for development.  

LCD industrial screen intelligent control stage: with the continuous improvement and development of LCD display skills, LCD as a semiconductor industry, will also take this high-speed train to play its highly controllable characteristics.  


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