With the rapid development of social information, the use of display screen is more and more widespread, wet and rainy climate is a major challenge to electronic display screen.  Rainy season how to waterproof moistureproof, outdoor LCD display to solve the problem.  Because LCD displays itself in the outdoor environment is better than indoor mixed and disorderly, don’t just consider the moist, to waterproof and protection work daily, thus outstanding sealing devices can help display the risk of falling water, time display the dust of the internal and external attached, also can help screen better heat dissipation, reduce the adhesion of water vapor.  

One, the production process of waterproof engineering  

In the production of LCD liquid crystal display, the PCB board to do anti-corrosion treatment, such as the appearance of three anti-paint, power supply and power cord to choose high-quality accessories.  The selection of waterproof box, sealing is better, screen body is necessary to reach IP65.  Welding is the most simple corroded place, we should pay attention to do a good job of protection, especially put forward the framework, simple rust, do a good job of anti-rust treatment.  

Two, the site equipment construction needs to do waterproof work  

Beside the specific construction site;  The combination of prevention and discharge in structural planning;  After the structure is determined, according to the characteristics of the structure, the sealing material with hollow bubble tube structure, small shrinkage permanent deformation rate, large elongation at break and other functions can be considered;  After selecting the sealing strip material, plan the appropriate contact surface and contact force according to the characteristics of the sealing strip material, so that the sealing strip can be squeezed to a compact shape.  In some equipment, water tank and other positions, do the key protection, to ensure that there is no water inside the LCD screen.  

Three, pay attention to the daily use process  

Finally, outdoor LCD screens are often used, because the LCD screens themselves generate some heat in operational conditions, which can evaporate some of the water vapor, greatly reducing the possibility of wet-induced short circuits.  Jinglitai suggests that you use the LCD screen at least once a week during the Plum Rain season, turn on the screen at least once a month, and light it for more than 2 hours.  


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