The military enhanced LCD requires a wide ambient temperature range, generally required to work in the temperature range of -2O℃ to 55℃.  

However, due to the low temperature of the liquid crystal material, the threshold voltage of the liquid crystal increases, the response speed becomes slow, and even the characteristics of the liquid crystal make the LCD display can not work properly.  

Take sharp’s TFT-LCD wide temperature LCD screen as an example, the normal operating point of low temperature is -5℃ for normal temperature device, and the normal operating point of low temperature for wide temperature device is -10℃.  When the temperature is lower than this temperature, the LCD responds slowly.  

At present, some foreign companies have developed high definition, low viscosity coefficient, low internal voltage wide temperature liquid crystal materials, these materials have the same threshold characteristics in a wider temperature range, but the price is higher, can not be promoted and applied.  

Therefore, measures must be taken to broaden the working range of LCD in low temperature to ensure its normal operation and fast response speed in low temperature environment when developing the LCD.  


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