When we use the touch screen, some faults may occur, such as insensitivity.  When you touch the surface of the screen, touch screen response is slow, may be a touch screen system of the old, the internal clock frequency is too low, or because the touch screen surface of water droplets and unable to move, restore fast response in order for the touch screen, have to upgrade or replace system, or the surface of the touch screen with dishcloth.  So how to better maintain the touch screen is very important!  

In general, this is common for multi-touch displays, but they should be maintained with care.  When using detailed operations, you must pay attention to the following points that may be overlooked:  

1. Touch glass is made of glass and should be handled carefully to avoid breaking.  

2. Contact surface of touch glass is conductive film.  If the protective film is removed, do not use nails, pencils, ballpoint pens, or other sharp objects to press the surface of the display. Otherwise, the display may be dirty or scratched.  

3. Do not stick oil, water and other liquids on the surface of the display.  

4, when there are stains on the surface of the LCD screen, you can use a cotton ball skimmed or dust-free cloth to gently touch the alcohol, gently wipe the surface of the display screen, do not penetrate the alcohol into the display product.  

5. Avoid using and storing organic solvents or corrosive gases (acidic gases, etc.).  

6. When installing the display machine, use non-corrosive glue to fix the display screen.  


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