1. Check the brightness. That is, how many lumens the lamp bead can reach. Lumen is the unit to measure the brightness of the lamp bead.
  2. Check whether the light is uniform and the color is consistent. The light beads with good quality emit light evenly and have the same color. Poor quality lamp beads will have the phenomenon that some lamp beads are bright and some lamp beads are dark. The luminous color is uneven, and there will be obvious dark areas.
  3. Check the chip and its size. Chip is also a decisive factor to determine the quality of lamp beads. Generally speaking, the larger the chip, the stronger the stability, the higher the brightness, and the better the heat dissipation effect.
  4. Check the glue, phosphor and generally good products will use imported glue. The sealed lamp beads will not deform by hand, and the inferior glue will deform or even crack.
  5. Check the bracket. Generally speaking, the support is silver plated red copper support. The silver plated red copper bracket has the advantages of fast heat dissipation, better heat dissipation to the lamp beads and low resistance. In the market, some businesses will use ceramic brackets instead of silver plated red copper brackets. The thermal conductivity of ceramic brackets is very excellent.
  6. Check the packaging process. Good quality lamp beads have uniform color and good colloidal consistency. This is inseparable from good mechanical equipment. The production of mechanical equipment is a very key factor. Good equipment can ensure the stability and consistency of products in various processes and ensure the high quality rate of products. 报错 笔记


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