Brightness refers to the ratio of the light intensity of the illuminant to the area of the light source. It is defined as the brightness of the light source unit, that is, the luminous intensity on the unit projection area. The display brightness is defined as the all white brightness value in CD / m2 or nit. Brightness, also known as lightness, indicates the brightness of a color. The brightness perceived by the human eye is determined by the reflected or transmitted light of the color.

The brightness of LCD screen is the main parameter affecting the price of LCD screen. Therefore, when selecting TFT LCD screen, we do not directly select high brightness LCD screen, but select the LCD screen with appropriate brightness according to the use environment.

When the electronic equipment is used in the indoor environment, the brightness of the display screen is 200 ~ 300nits and the working temperature is 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃. When used outdoors, if there are obstructions, the brightness of the display screen is about 500nits and the working temperature is – 20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃. If there is no shelter at all, the brightness of TFT LCD screen is about 1000nits, and the working temperature is – 30 ℃ ~ 80 ℃. The LCD screen can be visible in the outdoor environment.

When selecting LCD screen, it should be noted that the screen with high brightness is not necessarily the best screen. The display screen is too bright, which is easy to cause visual fatigue. At the same time, the contrast between pure black and pure white is reduced, which affects the performance of color scale and gray scale.


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