1、 What is TFT LCD display

TFT LCD display screen in fact, different display technology products have different names, and TFT LCD display screen is one kind of display screen. Our commonly used mobile phones also use TFT LCD display, which is color and combined with touch screen to realize the function of display and touch. It is the most widely used display technology at present.

2、 Characteristics of TFT LCD display

  1. High resolution

First of all, the high resolution of TFT LCD screen also means that its picture is clear and beautiful, which is the most popular screen.

  1. High brightness

Secondly, its brightness is high. It uses the principle of backlight. The brightness of general products can reach about 300-500, which is very consistent with our usage habits, and it won’t cause too much damage to our eyes.

  1. Low cost

Another thing I have to mention is that its price is cheap. At present, the price of all raw materials in the TFT LCD display market is transparent, including the shipping price of TFT LCD display also tends to be transparent. The market is not blindly fighting a price war. Everyone is improving their quality and services to obtain customers.

  1. Wide viewing angle

TFT LCD displays generally meet the requirements of wide viewing angle. For example, a series of TFT LCD displays of Haifei Zhixian have a viewing angle of more than 176 °. When viewed from any angle, TFT LCD displays have realistic color and high saturation.

Through the above introduction, do you have a certain understanding of what is LCD screen? LCD screen is one of the most widely used displays


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