Firstly, the panel of LCD TV is different from that of LCD splicing screen. The panel used for LCD splicing is higher than that of LCD TV. The LCD splicing screen made of LCD TV panel plays obviously different high brightness pictures, and the color and level are obviously distorted under the high brightness pictures. In addition, the LCD splicing screen adopts parallel high-speed graphics processing technology to realize the unified processing of multi-channel high-speed video signals, which fundamentally replaces the plug-in splicing controller and solves the problem of limited number of VGA signal inputs. It combines the current outstanding high-definition, high brightness and high color gamut LCD display technology, embedded hardware splicing technology, multi screen image processing technology, signal switching technology into one, forming an advanced liquid crystal splicing wall display system with high brightness, high definition, low power consumption, high service life. LCD splicing wall is a new way of large screen splicing, which can be infinitely spliced.

LCD splicing commercial display technology will be the mainstream application technology of next generation splicing display system. After years of development, LCD commercial display technology has occupied an important position in the field of LCD splicing commercial display. The splicing curtain wall is ultra light, ultra-thin, long life, low maintenance cost, low power consumption, no radiation, high definition, and has outstanding advantages. The LCD splicing wall takes the LCD screen as the basic display unit and integrates the new LCD commercial display technology and pure hardware high-speed real-time splicing control technology. All input signals can be freely displayed in the display wall window, fully supporting high-end display functions such as image cross screen, roaming, picture in picture, superposition and zoom. The controller is customized for the display screen, which is special for the special machine, and can give full play to the performance of the display unit. LCD splicing wall, with clear image, flexible combination and rich display content, can provide users with large free design space and shocking display effect. LCD TV can only display half a simple picture. Although there are some smart TVs on the market, it can’t compete with LCD splicing screen in terms of interface and signal types.


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